Laguna Honda Organizational Development Project

A Commitment to Engaged Care-Givers and Personalized Service

Over the past decade, there has been an important national shift of perspective in skilled nursing care.  Practitioners have moved away from an institutional model in which the priorities of the service provider determined such vital matters as when patients eat, sleep, bathe, socialize or enjoy privacy. The emerging best practice is a person-centered model in which the unique needs and preferences of each patient drive the kind of care provided.

The Laguna Honda organizational development project put the hospital into the mainstream of the movement for resident choice and person-centered care.  Working with two national leaders in nursing home reform, Lumetra Health Care Solutions and B & F Consulting, Laguna Honda advanced its efforts to help residents achieve the highest level of independence possible and to increase staff engagement and satisfaction.

The project was managed by the Controller’s Office of the City and County of San Francisco, and made possible by funds designated by voters for the improvement of city services.

To read the Controller's Office Close-Out Report on the Laguna Honda Organizational Development Project, issued in October 2012, click here.