Positive Care Program—Making a World of Difference

We offer a pioneering program for people grappling with the mild to severe cognitive difficulties that can accompany an AIDS diagnosis. Our dementia care enhances quality of life by providing sensory stimulation through daily activities, supporting increased social interaction, and emphasizing personal safety. In addition to clinical care, it incorporates skilled touch, music and art therapy, acupuncture and aroma therapy.

Building Community

Wedding of Positive Care Residents
in the Laguna Honda Courtyard

The HIV/AIDS Unit was started over 26 years ago and has since transformed into a 60-bed neighborhood located on South 2. Now known as the Positive Care Program, it continues to provide innovative care for residents with HIV/AIDs requiring skilled nursing services. Other services available for residents in the Positive Care Program include Hepatitis C clinic and support group, integrated pain clinic, behavioral health services and Substance Treatment and Recovery Services (STARS). The goal of the Positive Care Program is to help residents achieve optimal health and functional capacity and prepare them for community discharge when possible.

Physicians on the Positive Care Unit are all HIV specialists with many years of experience. Using a multidisciplinary team approach, a broad spectrum of services are offered to residents. This includes short term stays for purposes of physical rehabilitation, treatment and/or stabilization of acute medical problems, complex medical issues or significant AIDS related dementia. Additionally, the program offers respite stays for caregiver support and collaborates with the Palliative Care to enhance end of life care.

Our community-building does not end when residents complete treatment and move elsewhere in the community. We welcome former residents who return as volunteers and — as one former resident put it — “bring a message of hope.”