Laguna Honda Gift Fund

How the Laguna Honda Gift Fund Improves Lives

Romeo’s Story

With the financial help of the Laguna Honda gift fund, Romeo was able to return home.

Because of a disabling stroke, Romeo became separated from everyone who knew him until fate brought him to Laguna Honda.

He came to the United States from the Philippines after he retired to be with his four adult children. But when he failed to return from a vacation in Reno, his family lost all contact with him. They did not know that Romeo had suffered a stroke and had no way of telling anyone who he was or where he was from.

Then, in 2007, Laguna Honda licensed vocational nurse Marina Mendoza went to greet a man just admitted from St. Luke’s Hospital. She was stunned to see Romeo, the missing father of one of her childhood friends.

The family was reunited, and it changed everything for Romeo. He started speaking in Tagalog, getting out of bed without assistance, and joining other residents for therapeutic activities.

The day came when he got out of bed, put on his snazziest suit, grabbed his hat and sunglasses and asked about going home to the Philippines.

His children and his care team were delighted. They located family members and friends who could care for Romeo back home, and with a plane ticket paid for by the Laguna Honda gift fund, Romeo and two of his adult children boarded a plane for Bulacan.

Romeo was headed home.

The Laguna Honda gift fund supports the quality of life and independence of Laguna Honda residents by responding to individual needs that public funding cannot always address.

Anyone can donate to the gift fund.

These are some of the personal touches that gift fund contributions make possible:

  • Musical entertainment
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Special meals to celebrate holidays, birthdays or anniversaries
  • Field trips to concerts, museums, sporting events or movies
  • Newspaper and periodical subscriptions
  • Sundries and other personal necessities


For additional assistance, please contact the Gift Fund Manager at 415-759-3384, or send a check to:

Laguna Honda Gift Fund
Attn: Chief Financial Officer
375 Laguna Honda Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94116

Please make your check payable to: Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.

For major gifts, including equity assets, contact the Laguna Honda Chief Financial Officer at 415-759-2300.

For other questions, contact the Laguna Honda Community Relations Office at 415-759-2350.

Gift fund donations are spent exclusively on Laguna Honda residents. The fund is managed pursuant to guidelines from the city Controller’s Office. Quarterly reports to the Health Commission are publicly available.