Meet the Residents

The residents of Laguna Honda are a vital part of the social fabric of San Francisco. The hospital’s model of care focuses on community integration, which takes a variety of forms.

Residents receive the care they need to achieve their highest level of independence, with an emphasis on moving from Laguna Honda to assisted living or independent living elsewhere in the community.

The hospital’s campus is a venue for civic events, providing opportunities for recreation and entertainment that integrate the Laguna Honda population with other residents of the city.

In partnership with other civic organizations, such as City College of San Francisco, the hospital offers programs open to all San Franciscans such as painting classes in our art studio and tai chi in our Wellness Center.

Here, we present stories that residents of Laguna Honda tell about their lives. These articulate and accomplished individuals discuss their achievements and challenges, their histories and hopes for the future.

These on-line stories provide another means of community integration and offer a vivid portrait of the diversity of experiences that make up Laguna Honda’s community of care.

Elizabeth – Supports empowerment of Laguna Honda Hospital residents and feels personally empowered through participation in the Laguna Honda Hospital poetry workshop...Learn More
Goldie – I was born in Chicago in 1964. I’m an African American female and both of my parents are African American...Learn More
Jesus – I began working in a body shop painting cars. I really love cars, especially low riders.  Cars that “dance” are so cool...Learn More
Juliana – was born in Nimo, in the providence of Onisha in Nigeria. When I was younger, I was a runner and I used to play basketball...Learn More
Lucky – Here, people treat you like a human being, and the weather is not too hot and not too cold. San Francisco is my home. I found heaven in San Francisco...Learn More
Margaret – One of my most vivid childhood memories is of spending time with my father when I was only two years old. We were at the amusement park together...Learn More
Michael & Donna – Michael was having no luck with the women he was dating and Donna was going through a breakup with a boy friend. They basically rescued each other and fell in love...Learn More
Michael – I grew fast and by the time I was 16, I was 6’4” tall. I played basketball for the Syecak Wolverines. To this day, I am still a sports fan...Learn More
Michelle – I was born in Martinez, California, but grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then later lived in Portland, Oregon...Learn More
Paul – The challenge was to accept myself as being different than everyone else. I spent years, hiding my hand in my pocket. I figured, "out of sight, out of mind."...Learn More
Pedro – Early in my life, my father taught me how to cultivate corn, beans, and peanuts. It’s been a family tradition for many generations...Learn More
Tamara – Having my family around me is one of my most pleasant memories of my childhood. My grandmother, mother, aunts and uncles knew how to have a good time during gatherings...Learn More