Monolingual Services

Laguna Honda’s mission is to provide culturally competent healthcare to the diverse communities of San Francisco.

Laguna Honda residents whose sole language is Spanish or Chinese receive care in their native tongue.  Our Chinese and Spanish focus units not only help to eliminate barriers to proper care, they also provide a welcoming environment for residents from Chinese and Latino cultures. 

The language focus units are places where residents who are accustomed to the food, holidays, manners, and other cultural sensibilities of Spanish- and Chinese-speaking communities can feel comfortable and at home.

We strive to create a therapeutic environment where healthcare includes relationship-building as well as the interventions of skilled clinicians.

Residents on the language focus units receive the same interdisciplinary care provided throughout the hospital.  Doctors, nurses, social workers, and therapeutic professionals participate as a team along with residents and their families to ensure the best possible individualized care.

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如果要瞭解華語計劃, 請點?這裡