Respite Care

Laguna Honda Hospital offers respite care to San Francisco residents that require skilled nursing services in order to provide temporary relief for their caregivers at home.

Respite care – a temporary break from the responsibilities of caregiving – can be a vital solution to assist caregivers in taking care of themselves. It allows caregivers to take vacations or take time off to attend to their own health needs. Respite care can help caregivers continue to provide the best care possible to their loved ones at home by having time to take care of themselves. This can help delay long-term care placement of their loved ones.

A respite care resident’s daughter said

My Mom has stayed for respite care at Laguna Honda Hospital about three to four times. She was always happy with her stays there. I’m so glad for this program because it helps me to have rest for a month and know that she is taken care of. It is also good for her to have a change in environment for a month.

Service Information

  • Laguna Honda provides respite care up to a maximum of four weeks per admission and a maximum of six weeks per year for San Francisco residents that require skilled nursing services.
  • Skilled nursing service needs:
    • Medical conditions requiring nursing services (wound care, tube feeding, daily IV medications, etc.)
    • 24-hour care to ensure safety of a person with cognitive deficits
    • Functional deficits needing assistance with more than 3 activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, grooming, and ambulation)

Services provided under respite care

  • Primary care
  • Nursing care
  • Social services
  • Activity/Recreational services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Palliative care
  • Dementia care
  • HIV care
  • Language focus care (Spanish and Chinese)
  • Medical specialties
  • Dental services
  • 24/7 urgent physician services

For more information about the referral and admission process, go to or contact the Admissions Coordinator at 415-682-5694.

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