Spiritual Care

When life is at its worst, there is still life to be had, there is still hope to be found.

—Laguna Honda Spiritual Care Director, Bob Deel


Laguna Honda’s interfaith chaplains with Executive
Administrator Mivic Hirose (fourth from left).

At Laguna Honda, we believe that “spirituality” has many meanings. It can be how people find hope,  meaning and connection.  It can be a way for people to make sense of the world and of themselves. It can be a means of discovering what matters. It can be how we learn to care for ourselves and be to care for others.

Our spiritual care services are provided by two staff chaplains, Bob Deel and Malaena Nahmias, who are assisted by eight interfaith volunteer chaplains and two pastoral leaders from the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Over twenty-five volunteer churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and community groups provide spiritual care programming at the hospital. They convene 59 gatherings each month and donate 3,000 hours of time and hope to Laguna Honda residents every year.

The programming provided by staff and volunteers includes individual counseling, group worship, meditation, chanting, end of life care, and memorial services.

In addition, a Laguna Honda spiritual care initiative called No One Dies Alone (NODA) provides volunteers to sit with residents during the final few days of their lives to provide comfort and a witness at the end of life.

Organizations providing spiritual care at Laguna Honda include the following:

Jewish Chabad of Cole Valley
New Life Chinese Lutheran
Voice of Pentecost
American Buddhist Cultural Society
Bayview Church of Christ
Sanctuary of Salvation
The Old Catholic Church
Sunset Baptist
St. Vincent dePaul Society
Neighborhood Baptist
St. Francis Episcopal
International Full Gospel Fellowship
Ta Kioh Buddhist Temple
Islamic Society of San Francisco
Spiritcare Ministry for Seniors
San Francisco Chinese Mennonite Church
True Vine Church of God in Christ
Alcoholic Annonymous
San Francisco Catholic Archdiocese