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Federal Oversight Ends at Laguna Honda

The U.S. Department of Justice terminated its 15 year oversight of Laguna Honda in June 2011. In a letter to city officials, federal investigators acknowledged that San Francisco has "taken creative and somewhat extraordinary steps to expand residential and other service capacity in the community so as to provide meaningful alternatives in integrated settings for a host of persons who live, had lived, or might live” at Laguna Honda. ...
San Francisco Chronicle
June 13, 2011

San Francisco Chronicle Profiles Laguna Honda Visionary

For former City Attorney Louise Renne, any tour of her beloved Laguna Honda Hospital must include a stop at the petting zoo ...
San Francisco Chronicle
May 2011

Laguna Honda Pharmacy Leads by Example

Creating Safer and More Efficient Pharmacies through Evidence-Based Design:
Laguna Honda Pharmacy Leads by Example
Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
June 2010

State-of-the-art S.F. hospital nears completion

More than 10 years after San Francisco voters agreed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild the aging Laguna Honda Hospital, the new facility tucked into the sloping edge of Twin Peaks is on the cusp of completion.
May 19, 2010