Laguna Honda Wins Compassionate Care Leadership Award

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March 7, 2013

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Laguna Honda Wins Compassionate Care Leadership Award


San Francisco, CA -- The Laguna Honda palliative care program is a 2013 recipient of the Leadership Award given by the California Coalition for Compassionate Care, the Coalition announced today.

The award recognizes contributions to palliative medicine and end-of-life care in California. Laguna Honda will be honored for bringing palliative care to a diverse safety net population.

The Coalition said it is honoring Laguna Honda for transforming end-of-life care in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving as a training site for hundreds of healthcare professionals and introducing the concepts of palliative care to an urban nursing home that serves economically disadvantaged and culturally diverse populations.

"Were it not for this program," the organization said in an email announcement, "hundreds of San Franciscans would likely spend their last hours or days of life either on the streets, marginally housed in homeless shelters or acute care hospitals, or causing financial or emotional stress to overburdened caregivers. This forward-thinking program has recognized that many people would prefer compassionate, symptom-focused, whole-person care at the end of life, rather than spending their last days in hospitals and intensive care units."

The hospital became a member of the coalition in 2012 under the leadership of Clinical Nurse Specialist Anne Hughes.

The award ceremony will be on April 9 at the Airport Hilton in Burlingame, CA.

Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center is a 5-star skilled nursing facility, acute care hospital and rehabilitation center owned and operated by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. It provides healthcare services to a safety net population of 765 seniors and adults with disabilities.